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You are not your thoughts.

A podcast discussing all things meditative, mind expanding, and psychedelic.

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You are not your thoughts.  It's time to mute the mind.

What does that mean? Our minds run wild with anxiety, regrets, worries, and more.  We can end that suffering by learning to look at our mind from a different perspective.  A new angle that allows us to quieten our thoughts and eliminate suffering.  Psychedelic medicines offer an amazing resource if we're properly prepared with the best of intentions.  We help you find your intentions, create a safe setting, and then work to integrate your exploration into your waking life.  


Listen in as we discuss how to become the observer, the non-reactive watcher of our thoughts and emotions.  We will work together to gain more clarity of mind and reduce suffering caused by anxiety and worry.

Guided Meditations

We also offer guided meditation sessions and pre-journey workshops to better prepare for everything you may encounter on your journey.


This is your journey.  With everything from room design to soundscapes, we work with you to create the best environment to get the most out of your journey with our without entheogens. 

Find your inner happiness.

It is possible to improve your mental wellbeing by learning how to open yourself up to true reality by better understanding yourself.  You will be much better equipped to handle emotions, anxiety, depression, and much more.  Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, the techniques in our courses are for everyone.  The contents of this course are not designed be aligned with any religion.  However, you may have intense spiritual experiences of a religious nature.  Regardless of your affiliation (or non-affiliation), muting your mind can move you to a more peaceful place that may or may not have a religious tilt.  Get to know yourself and experience true happiness.

It's time to be present.

We spend so much time anxious about tomorrow or regretful about yesterday that we miss out on the here and now.  Take back control and get in the now.

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